By kessler

EMSPROTO® is the prototype business unit of kessler systems GmbH based in Ostrach in the area of Ravensburg and worldwide production sites. We are proud to offer all our partners advanced technical capabilities, innovative manufacturing solutions, commitment and a high level of service.

Our Vision.

More than just Assembly.

Our vision at EMSPROTO® is to bring your products to life and build tomorrow's products. We want to be recognized by our customers as the best Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) partner.

Vision & Mission

Innovation. Our mission.

At EMSPROTO® we aim to provide market-leading prototyping solutions tailored to our customers' needs to increase their competitiveness and to position products with a high level of innovation on the market.

"These values embody the vitality and excellence of our company more than ever. The constant pursuit of perfection is our guide. This is reflected in the quality of our services, based on the expertise and talent of our employees."
Marc P. Kessler, CEO & Founder
Our location.
Our Corporate Culture.

Ravensburg on the lake of Constance – a delightful backdrop and a metropolitan area of high tech companies promote a corporate culture at EMSPROTO® that is characterized by innovation, communication and quality awareness.


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