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EMSPROTO® by kessler is the leading supplier when it comes to SMT and THT assembly of prototypes and small batches in industrial quality with short response times. A well thought-out and high-quality prototype is the optimal basis for a later series assembly and helps to evaluate and minimize costs and risks in the production process.

A production-oriented design and detailed specifications have a positive effect on the costs and quality of the assembly to be manufactured and create a basis for a high-quality product. This reduces the possibility of errors in the production process and saves production time. That is why our know-how can be fully utilized already during prototype assembly.

Upon request, our NPI team, consisting of project managers and technicians, provides important information on improvement and optimization potential after the first sighting of the data. That's why EMSPROTO® clearly focuses on Design for Manufacturing (DFM) consulting.

A worldwide procurement of components from reliable and over the years qualified franchise and non-franchise suppliers is as natural as the SMT and THT assembly of the prototypes according to ISO9001 and IPC-A-600 / IPC-A-610.


Delivery Times

Offer within
24 hours
Production off
1 working day *
Material procurement by express
International express shipping
Offer within
48 hours
Production off
5 working days *
Material procurement by express
International shipping as well as on demand international express shipping
Offer within
72 hours
Production off
10 working days *
Material procurement by standard
* The specified cycle time applies from the date of all components and may vary depending on the technology.

Depending on the technology, the prototypes can be manufactured in the SMT express service "Express +" from one working day. In addition there is delivery time for the required material and the printed circuit board. Provided the complete material is available from our suppliers, assembled prototypes can leave our factory after 7 working days. Of course, the material can be provided machine-compatible. Detailed information can be found in the offer, which is processed in the "Express +" option within 24 hours (weekdays).

off 1-3 wd
off 5 wd
Supply Chain
off 1-10 wd

Material Management

Material management is an integral part of EMSPROTO®. Procurement of components and PCB‘s is part of our day-to-day business. Therefor a worldwide supplier network is available. Already in the prototype phase, special features in the procurement process (NRFND – Not Recommended for New Designs, Allocation, etc.) are printed out.

Provision of 100% material or partly in machine-compatible packaging is possible.


SMT Assembly

SMT production involves the assembly of SMT components (SMT - Surface Mount Technology) and is a significant component of state-of-the-art EMS service. We equip prototypes on modern and highly flexible production lines according to the highest quality standards. Thanks to efficient work preparation and set-up technology, SMT assemblies can be assembled reliably and economically in prototype - and minimum quantities with SMT components.

At EMSPROTO®, prototyping is carried out by qualified personnel on a modern production park. It is easily possible to assemble SMT components from the size of 01005, μBGA, etc. with a pitch of 0.1 mm or more. The components are processed as reels, belt sections, rods or trays. The prototype PCB assembly is one-sided or two-sided in use or multi-panel. As a paste only lead-free media are used.

  • Off 01005
  • Pitch off 0,1mm
  • X-Ray
  • BGA / µBGA
  • Flip Chip
  • LGA
  • RHOS / lead-free
  • QFN
  • AOI

THT - Equipment

THT components are manually placed by specialized personnel at special manual placement stations. Thereafter, the soldering is done selectively or by wave soldering. If necessary, individual components are also soldered by hand. Again, only lead-free soldering media are processed.

  • Press-In
  • RHOS / lead-free
  • Selective soldering process

Unser Unterstützung
für Startups

  • Spezifikationsdefinition / Lastenheft erstellen

  • Design Service (DfX)

  • BOM-Analyse und Optimierung

  • komplette Abwicklung


Further Services

The assembly of prototypes does not mean service is over yet. On request, we take care of the prototype production of housing, cables, display, etc. or also of the packaging of complete devices or the reeling of assemblies. Take advantage of our years of experience.

  • 3D Printing
  • Box Building
  • Certifications
  • CNC / Turned Parts
  • Cable Assembly
  • Display
  • Packaging
  • Touch
  • Reeling

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